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Sarah Perry

Sarah Perry
Sarah Perry

Specialty: Midwife


Qualified as a general nurse in 2004 from Trinity University Dublin, Ireland. As a staff nurse I worked mainly in paediatrics, HDU and Accident and Emergency. In 2010 I completed my 18 month BSC Degree in Midwifery from Guildford University Surrey, UK. As a midwife I worked in a busy UNICEF awarded baby friendly hospital for 4 years south of London prior to moving to the UAE. I worked for 3 years on the high risk labour ward and 1 year on the postnatal ward.

In the UAE I have helped provide both antenatal and postnatal care to women and their families in the comfort of their own home. Mainly providing lactation support and preparing the women and their husbands for the arrival of baby.

Midwifery clinic services provided:

  • Lactation clinic
  • Well baby clinic to check baby weight and any concerns
  • Prenatal clinic
  • Bereavement and support counselling service
  • Induction of Labour support
  • Postnatal clinic for mum and baby
  • Workshops – Prenatal workshop to help prepare mum and dad for labour and the arrival of their baby

Sarah Perry

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