Our medical staff are trained in the
very latest techniques &
offer a wealth of knowledge & experience in their respective disciplines
Harley Street Medical Centre includes a Day Care Surgery department


The service provided before, during and after my ACL operation were of the highest standard. I have recommended Harley Street to all my family & friends. And a special thanks to Dr. Amjad for his help throughout the whole process.

Laith A.

Thank you for the reliable care and help in my condition, the doctor and the whole team were very patient and friendly. I feel so much better now.

Maryam Ahmed W.

Thank you all for the specialized care and professionalism you have shown during the course of my treatment at your center. Special thanks to miss Shreya for the physical therapy on my hip. The exercises were great and helped to reduce my pain. She is simply a fabulous physical therapist. Thank you all once more.


From start to finish Dr. Amjad has been very thorough, explained everything in detail and provided assistance and support throughout. While still in treatment, I am very appreciative of the work of Dr. Amjad and his team.

Dhilan V.

The Care and Treatment I received at HSMC under the direction of Dr. Amjad and Dr. Giovanni were of the highest quality. I was especially pleased with the attentiveness and sympathy of the entire team. A most excellent service in Healthcare Provision.

Mr. Adeniyi I.

I have been suffering from Urological issues for almost 20 years. My diseases have Flores up & down without any specific cause. They arere chronic diseases and I have learnt to deal with them. But I was scared to come to UAE, since I was unsure I could find a specialist knowing my diseases. I had searched for a long time a doctor who could assist me. I was about to leave the country to ask for assistance in my home country when I met Prof. Francesco Cappellano. He treated thousand of patients in Italy, affected by the same issues. I wasn’t able to sit, to walk or to go to work any longer. When Prof. Cappellano started the treatment for my condition by using the international protocol, I have started living again thanks to him.

Ms. Rosita V.

My highest consideration and appreciation go to Dr. Enrica Falbo for her thorough competency and for her ability to always identify the best course of treatment for any given condition. I believe we are lucky to have such a good doctor in Abu Dhabi.

Prof. Said El Dakkak
Legal Counselor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Enrica Falbo for the competency and the attention with which she addressed the conditions of renal impairment and cardiac insufficiency from which I suffered lately. Her help both from a medical and psychological point of view has been invaluable. Once more I would like to warmheartedly thank her.

Donatella B.

Thanks to all the staff at HSMC. Your professionalism and all around care for me as a patient and a person is outstanding. Many compliments to Dr Enrica Falbo. Her wonderful work with my case for the last year has been nothing less than stellar. I highly recommend HSMC for all your medical needs.

Jarrod B.

Thanks Dr Reuter for your professionalism and humanity.

A., Portugal

From start to finish, I have received excellent care and attention from EVERY member of staff at Harley Street. Friendly and lovely receptionists greet you at every visit, Professional Doctors providing excellent care. I couldn’t be more pleased to have been a patient here. Thank You so Much. Best wishes to you all.

Alison B.

I am very pleased to share my wonderful experience with Professor Francesco Cappellano and the Harley Street Medical Centre.

After months of trying various types of physiotherapy to alleviate chronic pelvic pain, I was referred to Professor Capellano by a doctor familiar with his reputation as a specialist in pelvic pain disorders. Thankfully, Professor Cappellano is one of the world’s authorities on my condition, pudendal neuralgia. He quickly diagnosed it and then structured a treatment plan. The two procedures I have undergone thus far have alleviated much of my pain, and I am hopeful that future treatments will yield further relief.

I am grateful to Professor Cappellano and his eminently qualified colleagues for their attentive care and kindness. Moreover, I remain impressed by the professionalism of the staff at Harley Street Medical Centre and the facilities of this welcoming clinic.

Deborah A.

OUTSTANDING! At any level of responsibility, you will find just professionalism. Starting from the front desk, where you are welcomed and checked in by sharp, accurate and smiling receptionists. Followed by the Doctor’s Assistants and Nurses, and my special mention goes to Mr. Eligin Jumel Sayson always at your disposal and ready to help you out. Up to the highest experienced medical staff and a particular mention is for Doctor Pierdanilo Sanna, who sort out my “Trigger finger” issue and assessed the back problem for my wife, to Dr. Enrica Falbo who take really care of my daughter and last but not least, Prof. Dr. Chris Reuter.

A really great bunch of Professionals!

Stefano Lupieri

I had a severe pain at my rectum, pelvic area for a long time. I was glancing at internet if I could find a medication for this. Thanks to Allah, I found Harley Clinic and met Dr. Francesco, Giovanni and Massimo who diagnosed and identified my problem.

After two sessions of pudendal nerve treatment and thanks to Dr. Francesco and Giovanni who really carried both procedures in professional manner, the pain disappeared.

I would like to thank all the Drs above and Claire who made me comfortable at the clinic.
Well done and keep up to good work.

Mr. Saad Al.

I had carpal tunnel released for my right hand. I feel better than before. No more numbness and the operation was successful. DR. Amjad is a good doctor, very professional.

Mrs. Cecille V.I.

Professionalism, Courtesy and efficiency. consulted Dr Amjad. Being called exactly on time. Diagnosed and fully explained the issue as well as immediate ecography. Would highly recommend, very happy with my choice. Well done.

Andrea S.

I just want to thank the physiotherapy department specially Mr. Rathish for the effective therapy he gave me. Just this March, I had a severe neck pain. For two months I was in misery due to constant pain. Even simple household chores were hard for me to do. My left arm was so sore with my thumb that was so numb. I was on and off from work because I cant even move my neck sideways nor lift up my chin. I was moving like a robot, literally.

I’ve got an appointment with Dr. Amjad. He was a great doctor and his treatment also helped me. He referred me to Mr. Rathish. After 3 sessions with him, there was a huge improvement! The pain was lessened and I’ve started doing my usual activities. He taught me the different exercises that I need to do at home. I do them diligently because I want to heal continuosly. I want to thank him for being so patient during the times I was in so much pain. He also imparted me a lot of informations about my illness and how to get well. One thing I will never forget is his encouragement. He was very positive that I will get better and I believed him. Now I’m so happy and satisfied. I’m functioning well but still I’m doing the exercises to keep my muscles healthy.


My disease was explained well by the doctor and the choices of treatments were given clearly. The procedure was done in a professional way and the doctor was enough confident during the procedure. I felt direct comfort from pain after the procedure and I need to give big thank to all the team who worked on my case especially Doctor Cappellano and Doctor Cocco.

Shadi T.

Dr Chris is amazing!!!!!!!

I am so happy! I can recommend him to all! He changed my life, I am grateful for his talent! I had the best service from him and his staff! My stay at clinic was so nice, his staff was helpful and friendly, and trying to make my recovery as easy as possible!! Thank you.

Karin J.

“Excellent” is the word I can think off !!! I consider His work as Piece of Art. The perfection that was attained was outstanding. I would recommend Dr. Chris to anyone without any hesitation. Thank you for making me look great!

Suzane T.

I’m highly impressed and very pleased with the corrective rhinoplasty procedure I received. Dr. Chris is passionate, caring and excellent doctor, who gives excellent advice. He is very honest, skilled and he has addressed all the issues I came to him with.

Sarah J.

Yesterday I did my breast augmentation with Dr. Chris and I LOVE THEM!! Best Doctor I recommend him a lot!

Nonee F.

The best ever service I got!!! Fast, no pain. Dr Chris is so professional. Nurse and assistant are so friendly. I recommend to all Ladies who care and love themselves. With Dr Chris you will get all you need to stay beautiful and happy. Thank you guys!!!!!

Yulia O.

I was very nervous to get botox out of my home country, and there were not a lot of reviews online for botox in Abu Dhabi. I chose Dr. Reuter because he was connected with HSMC. I’ve been going to Dr. Reuters for over a year now and it’s the best botox I’ve ever had. He understood what I wanted the first visit and is careful to ask if I’m still happy with the results every visit, making tiny adjustments if desired. I’m at the point that I just let him do his thing because he knows how to make me look my best. I’m actually nervous I won’t fine as good injector back home now!


I had a great experience with Dr. Reuter. He is probably the best plastic surgeon not only in Abu Dhabi but across the UAE.

Gerhard S.

Dr. Chris Reuter is a talented plastic surgeon and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others considering plastic surgery. From the initial consultation, to the operation and recovery, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. He was warm, informative, honest, and answered all my questions and concerns thoroughly. My recovery was pain-free and easy and I’m thrilled with the results.


I had a great experience with Dr Chris Reuter. He listens, understands and advices in a very professional manner. I felt understood and well taken care of!!!

German quality in Abu Dhabi… very refreshing.

Barbara R.

Trustworthy and very knowledgeable in his field.

Jonathan N.

I visited Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber because I had problem eating gluten, dairy and acidic foods.

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber took time investigating my condition to find out the root problem. I’m really happy with the way he answered all my questions and explained the path to recovery. I also a, very happy about how his staff supported me throughout my visit at Dr Ahmed’s practice. Im very grateful for everything they have done for me during my visits.

Thank you so much!

Jerusalem H., United States of America

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber is an excellent doctor, very professional and patient care focused, I highly recommend him for any consultation, surgery, or medical exercises.

Juan V., Colombia

I am very happy with the services rendered by Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber. He was very helpful in explaining the procedure for the endoscopy as well as the treatment that followed. I felt comfortable at all times and would surely come back to complete treatment and would refer friends and family without any hesitation.

Mishall J., South Africa

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber is very professional, educated and polite doctor, guides his patients very ease to good understanding. His personality demands ease time with him and pleasant knowledge about what you are feeling.

I felt safe in his hands.

Germano S., Brazil

I am very pleased with the way I was treated, addressed and taken care of by Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber. Everything was explained and presented to me in a gentle and precise way.

Petia K., Cyprus

I was seen by Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber on several occasions for gastric problems. Dr. Ahmed was very thorough, knowledgeable, informative and caring with his approach. He performed ultrasound, gastroscopy and colonoscopy on me. It was done with great care and expertise. He explained everything very well. I felt safe, comfortable and I recovered very well. I would recommend him highly.

Joan G., Canada

Thank you Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber! I have been to many doctors and this time I truly feel you understood and listened. I feel confident regarding the diagnosis and happy with the result I would and have recommended you to my friends and family.

Rachel D., Australia

I have one of the best experiences in consulting a specialist, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber. He took time to explain everything to me. Prevention rather than increasing the medicine. I feel very comfortable and trust him completely.

Samina B., Canada

I am very happy with Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber. I am very happy with the treatment and EGD and colonoscopy was fast without problems. Have no complains. I am very satisfied with the meetings and treatment.

Renata P., Germany

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber provides excellent service and has a very good manner!

Stephen F., United Kingdom

Well educated, reassuring attitude, professional, comprehensive explanation using simple terms – these are just some of the characteristics of Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber.

I am very well satisfied!

Utkir U., Kyrgyzstan

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber is excellent!

Sedat E., Turkey

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber gives excellent medical treatment, cordial service and thorough explanation. HSMC has a comfortable environment!

Ali S., United Arab Emirates

The experience with Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber was easy going and professional. I have bad anxiety and he made me feel at ease and comfortable.

Andres S., United States of America

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber is definitely the best doctor you can choose for any gastroenterology issue.

He is really professional, well accomplished and extremely clear and accurate. He knows well how to approach a patient, with his positive attitude you will feel at ease all the time.

Liciana L., Italy

My experience with Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber has been exceptional! I am 37 years old, and I have been suffering from all kinds of allergies since childhood.

Dr. Ahmed was the only one who diagnosed my illness. Thanks for his dedication, kindness and humbleness.

I strongly recommend him for patients with vague gastrointestinal symptoms.

Sahar H., Sudan

My EGD and Colonoscopy went successfully and without any hurdle post procedure which is quite astounding. The team did their jobs very well and handled me professionally. I would like to thank the team who were present at that moment especially Dr. Massimo Cristaldi for his magnificent role and instructions throughout that process.

Lester M.E., USA

One month ago I had my surgery with Dr. Massimo. He was very professional pre-surgery and throughout the procedure, always giving enough advice to make you feel informed and relax. His team provided a high quality and friendly service at all time. What is more important the outcome of my surgery has been excellent.

George Z., Romania

I would like to thank Dr. Cristaldi for the great efforts. I am happy from your high quality services, my best regards to all HSMC team.

Saed A., Palestine

I had my endoscopy exam with Dr. Massimo Cristaldi. A Great team led by a Great and human professional as Dr Massimo. I highly recommend this clinic and its staff.

Marco T., Italy

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie-Huber is very professional with great polite attitude. Provide excellent explanation, easy to understand and elevate your awareness about your medical condition and your expectation for your treatment. Lucky to have him following up my case.


Venus S., Egypt

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie-Huber was extremely professional in looking at my stomach problem. I was seen by another doctor from a different clinic, but he was not able to identify my problem. Dr. Ahmed looked methodologically step-by-step to come to a diagnostic and the treatment plan.

I am happy to continue visiting Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie-Huber!

Andre D., Anguilla

I am extremely pleased and satisfied with Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie-Huber’s professionalism and caring attitude. He was very informative, cleat and treated me very kindly.

The whole experience (consultation, procedure and post-consultation) was very satisfactory. A great professional who combines medicine with empathy with patients.

Thank Dr. Ahmed!

Jorge S., Spain

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie-Huber is outstanding!

I’ve met a couple of gastroenterologist, but he’s the only one who identified what’s really happening. He is an EXPERT.

Kenneth D., Philippines

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie-Huber is professional, caring, perfect explanations, being compassional is guaranteed. Dr. Ahmed not only considers the medical issues, but also stands with values and emotions.


Dalia H., Italy

I was referred to DR. Amjad by a friend who had recently had treatment with him. Her results were very good and I thought I would book an appointment.

Dr. Amjad diagnosed my ailment straight away. He referred me to have Bone Density Scan and then prescribed a course of treatment within 24 hours. I was pain free and with additional physio treatment I have found a marked improvement with my back and the physio is now strengthening my core muscles.

Thank you Dr. Amjad, you’re amazing!

Jackie M.

I have received excellent treatment and advice from Dr. Amjad regarding knee arthritis. The injections have improved my mobility and enabled me to become more active.

Sheila M.

Dr. Chris and the Staff at HSMC were excellent. From my initial appointment until post OP, I was given exceptional care. Very happy with my results and the care I received. Highly recommend Dr. Chris and his Staff (especially my nurses after surgery!)


After now 6 months no regret what so ever. I’m very happy with the result and Dr. Chris seems to be too. Thank you so much!!


Dr. Chris is a master at what he does. My abdominoplasty with him gave me outstanding results which surpassed my expectations. My abdominal muscles are tight and my tummy is very flat. I can now wear clothes from pre-pregnancy days. Very happy with Dr. Chris!


The best ever service I got!!! Fast, no pain. Dr Chris is so professional. Nurse and assistant were so friendly. Recommend to all Ladies who care and love themselves. With Dr Chris you will get all you need to stay beautiful and happy. Thank you guys!!!!!

Y- Russia

I went through rhinoplasty 3 months ago with Dr Chris, and the result went good as expected. I recommend For Plastic surgery.


I had a great experience with Dr. Chris once it’s a first time for me to do the Lips filler with him. He is a great Dr when he really advised me what to use and what to do and what is better for my lips. I wrote this after 6 or more lips filler for me done by him. I highly recommended doing the procedure with Dr. Chris who really cares about your look and makes you happy and smile.


Dr. Chris has been beyond amazing! You’ll get the results you need and more with him, extremely professional.


Dr. Chris Reuter is a talented plastic surgeon and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others considering plastic surgery. From the initial consultation, to the operation and recovery, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. He was warm, informative, honest, and answered all my questions and concerns thoroughly. My recovery was pain-free and easy and I’m thrilled with the results.

R – Canada

Dr. Chris is a true professional! Together with his staff, they will make you feel very welcomed and at ease at all times, while dealing in a very professional manner with your requests. Highly recommend this, favorite clinic in Abu Dhabi!

A- Romania

Dr. Samie-Huber has a wonderful bedside/patient manner. He is very thorough, understanding and east to talk to about sensitive issues. I have recommended him and will continue to do so. He is a wonderful doctor!

Karen H., United Kingdom

My experience with HSMC was great and Dr. Ahmed is very professional. I recommend him for any gastrointestinal problems.

Salvatore T., Italy

Dr. Ahmed is very professional and has a thorough process of examinations.

Olawale B, United Kingdom

Dr. Massimo Cristaldi and all HSMC staff from reception team, nursing team and Doctors are amazing, their hospitality and treatment professionalism is outstanding at all levels. Dr. Massimo, had reflected how professionalism and humanitarian approach towered patient and patient complaint could enhance and result with better treatment and faster recovery. Dr. Massimo had always attend and clear/clarify all my queries before and after the procedures. I highly recommend Harley Street medical center and its Colorectal Clinic lead by Dr. Massimo.

Saib M., Jordan

Dr. Massimo Cristaldi was excellent, he explains well the procedure and very professional. I highly recommend him as your surgeon. His skills are remarkable.

M.P., Philippines

Dr. Ahmed is great! Everyone here is very professional, helpful and nice!

Kelly C., USA

Dr. Ahmed Samie is a professional. He was extremely pleasant and did a good job from the beginning of the treatment until the end.

Rukhsana S., Pakistan

Totally satisfied with the entire treatment! Dr. Ahmed and team are extremely professional, friendly and caring. I can and only recommend.

Mathieu A., Netherlands

Excellent experience when you feel you are in good hands and you can rely on expertise and knowledge in addition to kindness and attention to the patient who is not a case or a number anymore. Very professional and smiling team! Thank you!

Nada H., France

I found Dr. Ahmed to be highly professional, projecting a quiet confidence that builds reassurance about his competence. He welcomed my questions and engaged gently with me about my concerns. I enjoyed feeling like a partner in determining my treatment protocol.

Claudinia H., South Africa

Very good experience with Dr. Ahmed. Everyone was very professional, and Dr. Ahmed was thorough, making sure to ask if I had any questions or concerns.

Lora D., USA

Everyone at Harley Street was very well organized, efficient, polite and helpful. Dr. Cristaldi’s team were excellent throughout my procedure which was carried out promptly, without any unnecessary waiting.


I had an upper blepharoplasty with Dr. Reuter 3 months ago. After researching and asking friends and family I finally decided to have the surgery with Dr. Reuter. His welcoming kind manner and extensive experience made me feel relaxed and confident going into the surgery. I was awake with local anesthesia during the procedure it was fast and painless. The doctor and his staff made me feel at ease during and after the surgery. I am 3 months out and am delighted with the results I look more awake and fresh and natural and have no visible scars. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I am grateful to have had the operation with Dr. Reuter and will go back to him for any future procedures I may have in the future.

L – UK

Dr. Reuter was excellent providing clear advice pre op and post op.


I would highly recommend Dr Reuter anytime to my friends as the most professional, highly skilled expert in his field! My experience in aesthetics international was amazing and the whole staff were so friendly and approachable … me and my husband were very much impressed and happy.

Thank you very much and God bless you !


Dr. Cristaldi and his team provide a very professional and friendly service. The pre-op and post-op information was excellent and very responsive to patient questions and concerns. What’s more the outcome of my operation has been very good.

Kevin G., U.K.

Dr. Cristaldi was excellent, providing clear advice pre-op and post-op. The staff were highly professional and the care was first class.

Kenny M., U.K.

Dr. Ahmed is extremely efficient, caring and systematic professional who embodies the qualities of a competent and empathetic practitioner. His thoroughness and attention to detail of my specific needs did not go unnoticed.

Denise C., Ireland

I am very pleased with Dr. Ahmed. He gave a good thorough analysis and explained clearly what was at stake.

Olivier F., France

Dr. Ahmed is a very Good Doctor. I have a very good experience. He is professional.

Rosa Ana P., Spain

Dr. Ahmed is an excellent physician, a role model in taking care, counseling his patients. He explains every detail genuinely, so glad that he is my doctor, I will recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you!

May H., Spain

I found Dr. Ahmed very easy to talk to and understood what I was trying to explain. In All I found the Harley Street Medical Centre staff very friendly and helpful.

Karen Q., Ireland

Dr. Ahmed is excellent!

Adbulrahman A., United Arab Emirates

Dr. Chris is a true professional ! Together with his staff, they will make you feel very welcomed and at ease at all times, while dealing in a very professional manner with your requests. Highly recommend this, favorite clinic in Abu Dhabi!


Very good staff and excellent Doctor.

A.J., UK

Dr christoph was very helpful and takes the time to explain the surgery and listen to me as a patient.

L.A., Australia

Thank youuuuuuuuuu Dr Chris Excellent care.

Lama, Lebanon

I would highly recommend anytime to my friends Dr reuter as the most professional, highly skilled and expert in his field! As my experience in aesthetics international was amazing and the whole stuff was so friendly and approachable.. me and my husband were very much impressed and happy.

Thank you very much and God bless you!


Staff were lovely, very friendly and i loved my treatment. Would highly recommend.

Amal, UAE

The best plastic surgeon in world!

Lindsay, United Kingdom

Dr Chris Fantastic ,have been extremely impressed with his professionalism and care from start to finish. He made the whole experience (from consultation to aftercare) very smooth and reassuring and I felt completely confident in him and his team. I know exactly what I wanted to achieve and Dr. Chris was very understanding and supportive of my wishes. I have been very pleased with Harley Street and the whole cosmetic Team.

Dr Chris is extremely, knowledgeable and talented in seting Botox and filer, the best treatment I ever have had (and I have been doing this for years) highly recommend DR Chris.


Best Botox and Filler with Dr Chris.


I couldn’t believe I could find such well trained, professional and kind staff, and most of all, such a great doctor as Dr Massimo, in Abu Dhabi. I had never trusted hospitals abroad and I used to go back to my homecountry. Now I know at HSMC I can be safe.

Daniela D., Italy

Excellent experience – professional, knowledgeable team very capably led by Dr. Massimo. The standard of care was first class, from start to finish.

Kathy Cusack., Australian

Well trained and disciplined staff. Made me feel comfortable and informed.

Troy K., USA

Excellent experience, despite was a medical exam, received from all medical team and Dr. Massimo. A great treatment! Very good clinic!

Stefano A., Italy

Dr. Massimo and all staff were excellent! I highly recommend the facility to others for specific procedures that need to be taken care of.

Kenyatta W., USA

Brilliant! Same as last visit. So consistent brilliance! Keep it up!

Dominic L., United Kingdom

Excellent experience! Thank you Dr. Manish and Dr. Massimo!

Kathleen C., Australia

Very professional. Thank you to all the staff!

Peter M., Australia

All great services, medical care and support staff. Keep it up HSMC!

Saadia S., Morocco

I had never trust hospitals and I used to escape. But now I enjoy coming to Harley Street to meet nice people and get really better health. Thank you all, Harley Staff!

Khaled A., Jordan

Dr. Ahmed is like every doctor should be: kind, patient, knowledgable, gentle; he agreed to see me without appointment for adnoc consultation.

Dejana T, Serbia

Dr. Ahmed is organised, gave clear instructions in a very good manner. Helpful and great with Abdulla.

Julia G

Dr. Ahmed have a great way in explaining to the patient his condition. He listens very well to understand the patients concerns and works to resolve them.

A. AlHajeri

I came in feeling very apprehensive and the professional staff of nurses and doctors addressed my concerns promptly, comforted me and made me feel genuinely at ease. I thank everyone for their professionalism and care.

Roberta P., Canada

Very professional staff and also very friendly.

Elliott D., Australia

Overall a very positive experience with Dr. Massimo, Dr. Gary and the nursing team. Thank you!

Laila A., United Kingdom

My experience with HSMC and Dr. Cristaldi was great. Proficient approach and clear evaluation with explanation of the condition. Dr. Cristaldi and his assistant helped me through my surgery and through my recovery period with all the support I need.

Mohamed M., UAE

I’ve undergone carpal tunnel release surgery, I was grateful for the diligent care and attention I received from doctor Amjad. I had a smooth recovery. He is my husband’s knee doctor also and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Amjad to anyone. He is fine and would answer questions politely.

Girlie D.

My overall experience with HSMC is superb. I am satisfied with my THD surgery. Thank you, Dr. Cristaldi and Dr. Gary for your help! These doctors are professionals, very informative and explained me everything in detail about procedures. All staff, especially, Ms. Hannah, was very supportive and caring.

G. A., Uzbekistan

The level of care provided by Dr. Massimo, Dr. Hartstein and Nurse Giron has been simply outstanding. I feel so fortunate to have been treated for my hernia by this exceptional team of professionals. I will not hesitate to refer anyone I know and care about to their services. Thank you for everything!

A. Montoya., USA

Exceptional care! Everyone was delightful, informative and took wonderful care of me. Dr. Massimo and Dr. Gary were fantastic and explained everything perfectly and were very attentive. Thank you!

Thomas G., USA

Thank you Dr. Massimo and all!

Yasser M., Egypt

Excellent experience overall.

Martin M., Italy

Everything from the clinic was undertaken in a timely and friendly manner. All the staff and medical personnel were very efficient and comforting. Thank you.

Rupert E., USA

Brilliant service. Cannot recommend the team highly enough. Thanks for everything.

Warren F., New Zealand

Best treatment team ever!

Fatema M., UAE

Amazing team and care, all very prompt and caring.

Agustina Z., Chile

The whole experience has been fantastic under the circumstances of our son being so ill one day as well as the next. The coordination between medical staff was very very good.

Alex A., UK

Have recommended HSMC to my colleagues!

Gerard M., UK

Everyone was friendly and professional. I’m really satisfied!

Mohammed A., UAE

Many thanks to Dr. Massimo, Dr. Gary, Rachel and Hannah as well as the rest of the team!

Muzainah H., Germany

Dr. Cristaldi was recommended to me as a good doctor. But I am going to recommend him as a great human being and a fine gentleman. Thank you so much for remarkable care.

Suzana V., South Africa

We’ve been with HSMC for 5 years, and look nowhere else for medical advice and treatment. Every doctor we have seen – Dr Hady Jerdak, Dr Jorg Meyer, Dr Imad Ali, Dr Rhonda Miller, Dr Amjad, Dr Massimo Cristaldi – has helped us get better, and are some of the best doctors in town. What’s more, they really care about their patients and everyone whom we have referred to HSMC has had equally positive experiences. To top it all off, the nurses and administrative staff are both professional and kind. So if you need some medical help, this is the best centre in town and rivals most healthcare facilities abroad.

Samihah S Zaman

I received the best of care at HSMC. Dr Cristaldi explained the procedures thoroughly and everything went smoothly. Dr. Samie was also very thorough in reaching a diagnosis. They were both very professional, friendly and caring. The nurses and staff are very well trained and knowledgeable and attentive to the needs of patients. I had a very positive experience there and I highly recommend HSMC.

Sofia K., Honduras

Thanks for all your help throughout the process! I’m very thankful to Hannah and Doctor Massimo

A.K., Serbia

Very pleasant experience. Would recommend to all my friends and family.

M.E., United Kingdom

Best hospital experience ever!


Great job! Great experience overall as always!


I am writing to thank you for the excellent care I received both from Dr Ahmed Abdel Samie and the team during my recent treatment in Harley Street Medical Center, and for all your efforts to make me well again, which I’m glad to say, seem to have been entirely successful. It is the first time that I experience the nurses calling the following day to check on my situation. I really appreciate everything that was done for me, and would be very grateful if you would pass on my sincere wishes to everyone concerned. Thank you all once again for all your care and support.

Alona B

Dr. Cristaldi is so friendly and comforting . He was reassuring and thorough. He explained everything and it was a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Thank you for helping me have a positive Colonoscopy experience, for the first time

C. H, Canada

Thank you all for the very professional and personal attention given to me. I would unreservedly recommend the staff and facilities at HSMC.

J. K., United Kingdom

Excellent service! Dr. Cristaldi is excellent!

H. A., United Kingdom

Everything was excellent!

H. K., USA

Thank you for a very attentive, professional and caring team!

A. C., United Kingdom

Am very happy with the way I was treated from start to finish. All staff excelled themselves and made my procedure a comfortable and relaxing experience.

L. P., Australia

Staff fantastic, I will recommend Harley Street to friends and colleagues!

G. B., Ireland

The center is very good with a highly professional staff. We are completely satisfied. All our needs and requirements were attended immediately!

H. M., Palestine

Excellent! First class facility!

M. B., USA

Very good hospital thanks to all!

G. A., UAE

Excellent job!

A. D., Chad

Very good experience, professional and courteous!

T. G., United Kingdom

Very satisfied with the care I have received at HSMC. I am feeling good after the procedure by Dr. Massimo!

R. B., USA

Excellent care and treatment. All were very kind and warm. I was very anxious but all staff, nurses and Dr. Massimo were excellent and patient with my fears and showed warmth for the entire process!

V. C., USA

Thank you for the good treatment!

T. I., Canada

Great medical and nursing care!

H. E., USA

The clinic staff are caring and professional, Dr Massimo Cristaldi and the medical team put you at ease before and after any procedure is carried out now felling a lot better, more than exceeded my expectation

T.G., United Kingdom

I went to Harley for my first colonoscopy one month ago. I never found before a structure so clean, well organized and efficient like this. Not only superb doctors but even incredibly gentle, polite and professionals nurses! I strongly reccomended this structure!

R.S., Italy

Very good experience. I have had Colonoscopy in Canada and this experience was much better. Thank you all.

N.I., Canada

I felt welcomed and well taken care of. I felt that there is a well-established procedure that is followed with care.

O.K., Honduras

Dr. Massimo has excellent bedside care. Good experience all around!


I love the team of Dr. Massimo, who takes his time, and Hannah! Everyone is extremely friendly!

P.K., Lebanon

Excellent service!


Wonderful service. Many thanks indeed! All perfect and will definitely recommend!

J.K., United Kingdom

Great experience!


Very satisfactory!

M.T., United Kingdom

Very satisfied and would recommend to others needing the same procedure.


Dr. Ahmed reassured me from my first appointment that I would be in good hands and I was!!
Thank you so much for making me feel so relaxed.

Many thanks,

G. Kinder

Thanks Dr. Ahmed for the great support and thoroughness in treating me. You have been one of the best doctors I have had the pleasure to deal with.


Graeme L

I recently visited Harley Street Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi after experiencing poor customer service from a previous clinic, I visited Dr Chris Reuter the Plastic Surgeon and immediately warmed to him. Dr Chris was honest, professional and empathetic.

The price for the surgery I chose was very reasonable so I went ahead and booked in.

The surgery went without any problems and the facilities were amazing, my own suite with a 24 hour nursing staff that responded quickly to all of my needs. The whole team was amazing from start to finish and I cannot recommend the clinic and Dr Chris highly enough,

Thanks for everything


After many different consultations in few different countries , finally settled and trusted Dr. Chris ,he made the dream come true in February. He is very well trained on his field and super professional , understanding and support patients needs. I had minimum pain and fast recovery with this brilliant techniques and I followed strictly his instructions, He is a very talented and caring magician! His team is amazing as well. I cant thank him enough.

L- London

It was exceptional experience , very friendly and trustful doctor, caring for his patients and take their concerns into consideration. I admire Dr. Chris and trust him. When ever I want to do a procedure, I would always go to him. Thank you Dr. Chris.

G- Australia

The best Dr Chris ever

Mary – Italy

I had a great experience throughout all my visits with Dr. Ahmed. He is very professional and thorough.
He is patient and ensures all your questions are asked and answered.

Nadine A.

Dr. Ahmed is an excellent, quick, educated experienced doctor.
“HIT THE NAIL ON HEAD” with correct diagnosis and treatment.

Greg H.

The whole experience was fantastic, easy and professional.
All my questions were addressed by Dr. Ahmed.

Christiana K.

Dr. Ahmed is really a nice doctor.
He explained everything I need to know
I like him very much!

Renata C

Dr. Amjad is professional and meticulous in his approach. I appreciate that he took the time to ensure that the procedure went perfectly . The Harley Street Team made me feel confident and comfortable throughout the entire process


Dr. Amjad was very helpful and takes the time to explain and listen to me as a patient


“How grateful I was to have found Dr. Amjad when I had a terrible lower back crisis. I appreciated his expertise and treatment and his patience in educating me in lower back anatomy! I am hoping to avoid such back problems in the future but if it recurs, it is good to know there is an amazing doctor to turn to for help


Besides being uniquely qualified, Dr. Ahmed is a very personable and caring physician. His patience and comprehensiveness in dealing with his patients gives a lot of comfort and confidence that is much required in this field.

Very good doctor. Dr. Ahmed takes the time to listen to the patient. Gives detailed information and advises further steps. Very Attentive to details.

Alex G

The best Dr ever


I have Done fillers under eyes area for the first time ever, I was afraid
of the pain or proses but I surprised non of that happened which was great

Dr chris helped me to understand what I need and recommended the right
treatment for me and I’m grateful about the result I Got


I really like and I’m comfortable with Dr Chris, its professional has
really good patient calming and reassuring skills.


Professional from start to finish he is really amazing with botox and fillers


قمت بإجراء عملية شد و شفط الدهون في منطقة البطن و النتيجه أكثر من ممتازه

و رائعه, العنايه في المستشفى كانت ممتازه

الجرح بعد اربع اسابيع شكله جدا مرتب بالرغم ان الإجراء مؤلم و خصوصا في الثلاثه أسابيع الاولى الا ان النتيجه تستحق العناء

. م

قمت بعملية الانف و بعد اشهر النتيجه واااااااايد حلوه.

م ي الإمارات

I have done 2 sessions of full body laser and I have seen a difference of
hair reduction from first session

I loved the result and planning to continue the technician is so friendly
and considerate when it comes to taking breaks when it get painful

Upon turning 21 years old, I decided that after years of just thinking about it, I would go ahead with breast augmentation surgery, It was by absolute chance I came across Dr. Chris Reuter on an online website. I am now two weeks post-op and I cannot state just how happy I am. I have never met a more calm, understanding and intelligent doctor. From initial consultation right up until now, it has been the easiest and most delightful process. I could not recommend Dr. Chris and his team more highly


I had a great experience with Dr. Chris. He has done what I have asked him to do which is a very natural looking for my nose. I am very happy with the results


I was very scared before my surgery, but Dr. Massimo and his staff did a very good job. I’m really happy now!!!

Yicet A., Colombia

Pays attention to details when monitoring your medical history, comfortable in making decisions about his patients care and treatment. I will consult Dr.Cristaldi for any health problem.

Wassim K., Lebanon

On Dec 29 of 2016, I had my Umbilical Hernia and Colonoscopy procedures performed at the same time by Dr. Massimo Cristaldi. Due to the fact that my father had a history of Polyps and Bowel Cancer, it is imperative for me to have a Colonoscopy done by age 40. I am so glad I had it done as Dr. Cristaldi found and removed a 2cm Polyp during the Colonoscopy. I highly recommend Dr. Cristaldi as he is a highly skiled, thorough and reassuring Doctor, who also has a great sense of humor, which is important to lighten things up a bit. He also uses the latest technique and up-to-date knowledge. The nursing staff were awesome too. Always attentive, friendly and patient. Thank you all!

Greg T.

Very happy about everything, nursing staff are wonderful and the anesthesia doctor is very attentive, friendly and has very good communication with patients. Dr. Ahmed is the best and one of the few doctor I trust. The clinic is very relaxing and comfortable.

Dolla M.

I have visited Harley Street many times and I have to say the level of care and professionalism is second to none. Dr. Ahmed is one of the best doctors I have met and I would not hesitate to recommend him and Harley Street to any of my friends/family.

Adam T.

Everything was excellent, Dr. Ahmed and the nurses were very attentive. Thank you!

Yolanda C.

Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Kate gave outstanding clinic service. Very kind, care and informative.
Nursing staff were all friendly, very attentive and made me feel comfortable at all times.

Patricia E.

From last 4 years the time I left Newzealand I was in search of a professional experienced doctor and team to remove my lipoma on back.Finally I am glad to see Dr.Massimo Cristaldi .His professionalism and approach to patients is excellent ,I have to thank his wonderful team of nurses,Anesthesians. Each person who works are well trained and follows international world class standards.Because of the team all went smooth .I thank everyone.

Lakshmi B., New Zealand

I highly recommend HSMC for a Colonoscopy and could not praise Dr. Massimo more highly!

Jennifer W., U.K.

Staff are friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Very pleasant stay at HSMC. Dr. Massimo and Hannah are exceptional!

Jane B., U.K.

Everything was very professional and well-choreographed!

Craig H., Canada

Many thanks for your help and expertise!

Phillip T., Scotland

Everyone in my procedure was very professional and courteous. I didn’t have any discomfort during the procedure, all very good. Excellent care from the nursing staff and Dr. Cristaldi.

Cheryl H., Canada

Excellent care!

Lisa S., U.K.

I felt very well treated, very good service!

Carlos M., Colombia

Very impressed with everything. Dr. Massimo is great! Excellent nurses too!

Aniko B., Canada

Overall very satisfied!

Marco T., Italy

Everything was nice and professional. Staff was also friendly and it helped me feeling more at ease. Extremely satisfied! Thanks!

Daniele P., Italy

Thank you for the wonderful care!

Carol M., Canada

Very caring staff and Dr. Massimo very friendly!

Angela D., U.K.

Professional from start to finish!

Michael K., U.S.A.

I had an excellent experience!

Hamid B., U.K.

I could not be any happier with the care provided by Dr. Ahmed. He made me feel comfortable and worry free. I will recommend Dr. Ahmed to my friends.


I have seen Dr. Ahmed for problems in my stomach, he has been very helpful from day one in explaining everything to me. He gave confidence in myself and dealt with my worries and concerns in a very good and professional manner.

I also had a colonoscopy with him and it was a perfect experience. No pain, no problems. He explained everything to me after the procedure in the best possible way.


Dear Dr Cristaldi

I wanted to sincerely thank you for your efficiency, care, professionalism and personability.
I am glad I didn’t go another pathway other than yours.
PS. I wish you ‘LIFT’ everybody with an AF.
God Bless


Excellent care, very professional, thorough and friendly. Would recommend HSMC.


From beginning to end my experience meeting and being treated by Dr. Ahmed was outstanding. From first meeting Dr. Ahmed, he put me at ease immediately. Having explained why I was there Dr. Ahmed’s thorough and clear explanation both reassured and answered all my questions. When I arrived for my operation Dr. Ahmed was there to reassure and answer any last minute questions and again when I was in recovery. At the follow up appointment once again Dr. Ahmed was generous with his time, and went above and beyond. I can recommend Dr. Ahmed without reservation. He is wonderful.


I experienced immediate relief for my acute knee pain right from the very first visit with Dr. Amjad. Both he and his nursing assistants provided me with professional, knowledgeable care throughout the cause of my treatment.


Dr. Ahmed is a wonderful physician. He listened attentively, asked questions needed and did a very professional, thorough examination.

Elizabeth G.

Dr. Ahmed is thorough and gentle. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains the situation quite well in terms that any can understand. I appreciate his approach and care. I trust his findings and directions.

Yvette M

Dr. Ahmed is very reassuring and professional. Consultation and procedure were performed meticulously. Dr. Ahmed was open to questions and was happy to explain.


Dr. Ahmed was very clear in explaining the results of the tests and what he advised as the next steps.


Pleasant, patient and thorough.

Very good first impression and experience.

Thank you!

RE and OF

Dr. Ahmed is very specialized and professional doctor. He has patience to understand from and explain and educate the patients. Wish him all the best and more growth in his career.

Samar A

I had a very good follow up and diagnosis with Dr. Ahmed, helpful and friendly staff.


Dr. Ahmed is a very excellent doctor. Love him very much. Sweet spirit!

Marisol O

It was a very good experience, nurses and Dr. Ahmed were very pleasant and professional. Thank you!


Dr. Ahmed is a very professional doctor who was already recommended to me by two other patients. He took all time needed to explain and examine. All results were given to me in great detail. Very friendly and professional doctor. Thank you!


Dr. Ahmed is a great doctor who combines a wealth of experience with passion and caring.

Samer Z

The most talented Gastroenterologist I have ever come across Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie, and the one and only I would blindly recommend in UAE.

Yassmeen H.

Dear Dr Massimo

Just a quick note to say thank you again for everything you did for me in Abu Dhabi. Could you please pass on my sincerest gratitude to the anesthetist and your entire team. I am sure that without the immediate surgery I would not be here in Sydney recovering well.

I was admitted to St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney when I landed and was released the following day with a vac pac and drainage tube attached. I am off to the clinic this afternoon for a follow up consultation and plan to stay in Sydney for a 3-4 week recovery.

I look forward to catching up with you again when I’m next in Abu Dhabi to thank you in person.


Dr. Ahmed truly listened to me when I explained my symptoms. He made helpful suggestions and ordered tests right away that would help determine the case of my symptoms. I now have concrete plan for reducing symptoms that doesn’t include more medication.

Dr. Ahmed is a fantastic physician who truly wants the best for his patients.

Madlyn C

Dr. Ahmed Samie is a very professional specialist, diagnosis, lab test very precise. I would recommend to visit Dr. Ahmed since its best gastroenterologist I have visited in Abu Dhabi.


Very good doctor, he was very kind, he help me with my health and clarify all my doubts.
I recommend 100% Dr. Ahmed Samie.

Cynthia V

Having seen Dr. Ahmed and undergoing tests I feel like my life is back on track. Thank you so much.

I recommend Dr. Ahmed wholeheartedly.

Sian K

All went according to plan. My colonoscopy and endoscopy were brief. The nurse and Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Nils were very kind and understanding and I was a nervous wreck.

Melissa P

Very good staff and Doctor Ahmed is perfect.

Ola S

Thank you all for making this unpleasant procedure much more bearable. The teams were excellent, worked well together and were very efficient. Special t hanks also to Dr. Ahmed and to Dr. Nils for making me laugh. J

Louise L

Very casual approach without ignoring the utmost professionalism. Dr. Ahmed and the anesthetist were excellent. I believe all of the staff were extremely kind and caring and were a great team.

Mark P

Very professional and caring staff
Relax atmosphere
Dr. Ahmed and the anesthetist very professional
Good to have some humor in all the progress.
Staff very helpful

Joy H

The medical staff was wonderful. I felt informed and very comfortable the whole time. I would recommend Harley Medical Street for these procedures. Dr. Ahmed is a rare form of doctor these days. He was professional, knowledgeable and genuinely concerned about his patients well being. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Ahmed.

Gillian D

Thank you for your kind and professional help; Nursing staff, anesthetist and Dr. Ahmed of course.

Everybody takes the time to explain the procedure which for me is very nice.

Ellen B

All went according to Dr. Ahmed’s in brief for me. Everyone involved was very knowledgeable and thorough.

Thank you for a great visit and service!

Thomas H

Thank you to all staff in recovery and to Dr. Ahmed for looking after me so well during my endoscopy and after.

Kathleen S

Thank you to Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Nils who were very kind and professional and made me feel at ease.

Thank you also to all the lovely nurses and to Nurse Michael for putting my cannula perfectly

Melissa B

Thank you so much Dr. Ahmed and team. Procedure went very smoothly with great explanation and comfort. Might come back every now and then just for fun!

Thanks again,


I have only praises for the doctor and his team. They care and are very professional. Having such “hospitality” is not a common thing in this country. I am very lucky to have found the “great team”.

Please keep it up.

Dr. Ahmed is a gem

Many thanks,

Halima I

The highest standards of care and communication were displayed in all aspects of the pre and post care.

All staff were extremely professional and proficient in all aspects of the procedure. I was made comfortable and treated with the upmost respect and kindness.

Nothing was too much trouble from nurse to consultants; It felt totally relaxed and confident with Dr. Ahmed and his team during the whole process.

Thank you so much for the prompt, speedy treatment and consultation, which made the whole patient experience a positive and relaxing experience with the highest standards of care displayed.

I have attended many different healthcare facilities since being in the UAE in the last four years.

Harley St always demonstrates the highest care and expertise for the patient experience to be positive and professional at all times.

Iain H

My experience is very good. The nurses are all accommodating and understanding. Dr. Kate explained to me thoroughly what will happen with regards sedation and so I was assured and wasn’t anxious or scared at all.

Dr. Ahmed is extremely professional but I felt his genuine care and desire to find out what causes my stomach pain.

I hope that as the hospital grows, the level of professionalism and genuine care for your patients will not be compromised. I will recommend this hospital to my friends, family and colleagues.

.S. the food was great too J

Ivory T

This is the first time we came to this medical center. From the very beginning, everything is very satisfying. Very helpful and effective staff, well organized establishment.

Doctor Ahmed is amazingly great and professional, offering lots of advises.

Thank you very much for everything!

G. Zhonggul

I would like to say a big thank you to have Doctor Mary Massoud (Specialist, Family Medicine) as one of your doctors. Excellent service, she is kind passionate person and just the doctor that all family needs. Very professional approach.

I had my one of my family member for an urgent checkup; all tests were done professionally and without any hustle with a lot of kindness understanding the pain of the patient. The follow up was on time, and thanks to her now all is fine.

I can only say that that I would recommend this clinic to everybody.

L. Jodoin, UAE

Dr. Ahmed Samie gives attention to the patient’s problems and needs whilst having the time to explain what needs to be done and carries this act in the most coherent way which will achieve the best outcome possible.

Olga M

Hello Dr. Ahmed,
Great consultation, very thorough and detailed explanation of all procedures and treatments

Iain H

I highly recommend Dr. Ahmed for any gastroenterology issues. He gave a very professional and thorough investigation into my stomach pains.

Julie F

I met Dr. Ahmed back in May 2016. Mashalah he is high qualified and very good at his job. I recommend him for all people who have stomach issues.


Dr. Ahmed is very thorough takes time to explain everything clearly to reassure patient.


Dr. Ahmed is very friendly and professional. I visited few different clinic and hospital in Abu Dhabifor my problem but only Dr. Ahmed really made sure I am treated properly. I recommended a friend here and he told me Dr. Ahmed is very good as well.


I would like to express my thanks to you all for the kind manner in which you assisted me in trying to find a solution to my hip/leg pain This morning I woke up with pain so mild that I hardly noticed it. Its the first time in months that I can say that. Thanks again!


Four weeks ago I had my inguinal hernia repaired. It was a successful operation and the technique used by Dr Massimo Cristaldi has allowed a surprisingly quick recovery. I am impressed by the professionalism of Dr. Massimo and all the staff supporting him. Marco M. – Italy

Marco M, Italy

Our son suffered from an acute appendicitis that was removed by endoscopy in the HSMC. Dr. Massimo Cristaldi is a great surgeon, but most of all we were impressed by his dedication to the patient. His caring approach, his professionalism and ambition to just treat the patient best in challenging circumstances went far beyond what could have been expected. We are pleased to have experienced exceptional service by the whole team of doctors and personnel that took best care of our son for this in-patient surgery. In addition, the high standard of the facility, the nice patient room and the friendly service helped to recover soon.

Elke P, Germany

I was introduced to Dr. Massimo because I was not keen on undergoing colonoscopy or surgery for one suspected polyp. It had to be non invasive and what were the odds? Dr. Massimo the friendly surgeon came to my rescue and gave me an option which is known as ‘ Cologuard’. This is basically a DNA test of the stools which gives highly accurate results to confirm if a patient is suffering from bowel cancer. I do recommend Dr. Massimo as he is a super doc.

Rally D, Sri Lanka

Great professional environment , Great facilities and finally a Great Doctor Cristaldi. Thank you Doctor. I trusted you from the first moment… Antonios from Greece.

Antonios B, Greece

I came to Harley Street to see Dr. Cristaldi and was feeling very sick. Him and his friendly team welcomed me and I was put on medications to help me feel better till my procedure was booked (within few days). Day of the procedure was very smooth and everyone was very nice and supportive. I was reassured immediately after by Dr. Cristaldi and OR in-charge Brooke who also updated my family and sent us home soon when we were ready. It was even nicer to get follow up call from them to check on me before my appointment. Very satisfying and easy to deal with this team I wouldn’t hesitate to visit again if I need to. Thank You!

Dina, Egypt

I recently had a colonoscopy carried out by Dr. Massimo Cristaldi. His professional and personal touch is exceptional. The medical team in the operating room and recovery room is very professional and friendly and makes a patient feel comfortable.

Salahuddin A, Canada

I was quite apprehensive to have surgery away from my home country. However, I felt very comfortable and confident with Dr. Massimo Cristaldi. With excellent results with minimal scaring following surgery, I am glad I trusted Dr. Massimo and had my umbilical hernia repaired.

Stephanie, USA

Very professional service.

Akuma, UAE

Dr.Massimo is a great surgeon who has improved the quality of life of many patients through his professionalism as a surgeon and as a kind human. He treated me from a long lasted fistula condition which has once troubled my life. From the first visit he loosen your tension and highten your spirits to the level that you feel you dont have a problem anymore. his surgical procesdures are painless and fast healing and the great thing about it is that you can immediatly continue your daily life as there was nothing. Im proud of him as my doctor and as my friend. He is definatly a great addition to the medical community of the Middle East. God bless him

Mohamed Abbas,Sudan

I am so grateful to Dr Massimo and the medical team at Harley Street Medical Centre. Dr Massimo performed a Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization (THD) to correct a hemorrhoidal problem.

Before the procedure Dr Massimo explain in great detail how this modern procedure solves the problem without the need for laser or surgical removal. The great advantage of THD over other invasive procedures is the absence of pain post-surgery and the ability for the bowels to return to normal without the horror of pain as stools are passed. Another advantage of THD is the negligible impact on future incontinence that old age brings on; compared the probable adverse impact that laser or surgical removal has.

Dr Massimo claims an astonishingly high success rate without the need for further corrective surgery and from my experience I have to say he’s right.

Having such a talented medical professional willing to commit such much time to ensure me, the patient, was at all times informed and at ease with the planned procedure is from my home country experience extremely rare. Thank you Dr Massimo Cristaldi.

Graham P, Australia

When I met Dr Cristaldi to say I was scared and frighten was an understatement. I had been fighting surgery for many years and I finally had to give in to ensure my health could and would get back to 100%. Dr Cristaldi was very understanding he made me feel comfortable, confident and hopeful I would and could be well again. His care and attention to my needs emotionally and physically were unquestionable to best I have come across in the hospitals I have been in and out of for the last 20 years.

His skills as a surgeon are undoubtedly the best I have experienced and I have had several operations in the last 10 years, within days I was back to my old self again and 3 years later I am in the best condition I have been in in years. My health is top notch and my surgery scars nearly invisible.

If I ever need surgery again there is no-one else I would trust more, I highly recommend Dr Cristaldi he is without exception the best surgeon I know.

Maria Brown-Inglis, UK

Listened well and was thorough in explaining. Kind demeanor.

Shani T

Dr. Ahmed is a great doctor! He makes you feel comfortable, safe, that you are in good hands. I had a health issue with my abdominel and after visiting many facilities he is the first one who found a solution without antibiotics. I really trusted him from the first minute!



Hi Dr Samie,

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for a great job yesterday by you and your team. As you know I was nervous, however after chatting to you and the anaesthesiologist before the procedure I was much more at ease.



Dear Doctor Ahmed and Colleagues,

I would like to express my thanks to you all for the kind manner in which you assisted me in trying to find a solution to my hip/leg pain


This morning I woke up with pain so mild that I hardly noticed it. Its the first time in months that I can say that. Thanks again!


Dear Dr. Ahmed,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for taking good care of me yesterday – there was quite a team involved, and they were all top-notch professionals of good cheer, and made the procedure swift and painless.



Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie provides prompt, friendly service with detailed attention to issue thorough explanations, good advice and follow up with explained steps.



Dr. Ahmed is very friendly and professional. I visited few different clinic and hospital in Abu Dhabi for my problem but only Dr. Ahmed really made sure I am treated properly. I recommended a friend here and he told me Dr. Ahmed is very good as well.



Dr. Ahmed is very thorough takes time to explain everything clearly to reassure patient.



I met Dr. Ahmed back in May 2016. Mashalah he is high qualified and very good at his job. I recommend him for all people who have stomach issues



Great team, very kind and professional. It is the best clinic in UAE. Keep the high standards.



Dr. Jorg is very professional and thorough, he covered all possible bases to ensure nothing was overlooked. I feel very well taken care of and would recommend this facility for all medical services. Thank You.


Dr. Jorg is always helpful in any medical needs, Staff is attentive to patients and friendly and the clinic is very clean.


From the first appointment to the delivery of our baby boy, Dr. Rhonda Miller was kind, knowledgeable and consistent in caring for my baby and I. We had an amazing experience and were so happy that chose to have our first baby with Dr. Rhonda Miller.


I have been to HSMC on a number of occasions lately and have seen a number of doctors there attempting to get my general health back in order. I had surgery with Dr Cristaldi on Thursday 2 June and at the end of May.

Having had 2 not so pleasant or helpful experiences in previous medical centres I was quite nervous, especially when it became apparent that surgery was needed.

I would like to let you know that I have been extremely happy not just with the quality of the medical care I received (which has been outstanding) but with the way I have been treated by the staff. From the staff on reception to the nurses in the theatre who amazing (Elizabeth, Brooke and I can’t remember the other ladies name) and looked after me really well, helping to keep the nerves away. Dr Cristaldi is absolutely amazing and a problem that has bothered me for a while looks now to be over, I am so glad I found him.

I was recommended to go to HSMC by a work colleague and I will certainly recommend you to anyone else in need of medical care.


I feel I was very lucky when a friend advised me that I should move to Dr Ahmed Abdel Samie and come under his care. At that time I was getting regular flare-ups that were taking a toll on me. I had been in hospital twice during my first 2 years in Abu Dhabi for a week each time to receive treatment for my ulcerative colitis.

Since my very first consultation I have received excellent treatment from Dr Ahmed who has gone through a continual process of condition and blood test monitoring and a colonoscopy examination. My medication has changed gradually and I am now on a biological drug called Humira. My health as a consequence has improved tremendously.

I constantly applaud the science behind Dr Ahmeds approach and the fact that everything he does is based on detailed analysis of my individual circumstances. I have had colitis for 20 years and have never previously experienced treatment to this level. I believe I am lucky as I now have a consultant who I trust and who I believe is actually treating me. I feel I am no longer part of a process where you stay on the same medicine all the time and take steroids if you get a flare-up and then stay on the same medicine when things calm down. I honestly thought this was normal.

I have absolute faith in Dr Ahmed and the way he deals with me as he has been spot on with every diagnosis and recommendation since the day and hour I met him. He has made an enormous difference to my health and quality of life. I thank him for that.


Dear Dr. Ahmed,

Dr. ahmed has been my doctor for long time, I think he is a good doctor. What I like about him is that he takes time to explain to the patient and to solve the problem.


It was a great experience, I am very impressed about the professionalism of the staff and Dr. Massimo and their respect towards the patient as well as the comfortable environment.


After several years of suffering from Diverticulitis, Dr Cristaldi performed a removal of a section of the colon to end constant infections. Following surgery I suffered unexpected severe complications demanding the constant care and medical support from Dr Cristaldi and his team for an extended period.

During my intensive care, the Doctor went beyond the normal expected scope of care and support for both myself and my family. His bedside manner and approach to patient care is outstanding, and we are grateful for his sympathetic approach with us.

With his attention to detail and exceptional medical skills, I have made a full recovery. We are grateful to have had Doctor Cristaldi as my surgeon and highly recommend him.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I’d like to thank you for taking care of me over the last 2 years. Further to your key advice, my life has improved significantly.

Thank you Dr. Hady.


Dear Dr Jerdak,

Just a quick email from sunny Hong Kong to say many thanks for seeing me at such short notice last Tuesday, and for your swift attention. It’s always worse when you have health worries away from home, so I really appreciate the way I was dealt with, and my mind put at ease. Your nurses and reception team were charming and professional also.

All the best.


Dear Dr Hans,

Just a short note to thank you and the team at HSMC for the wonderful work you have done in getting my knee working again, this includes extras such as coordinating with physiotherapy to assist with rehab.

The professionalism, and wonderful friendly atmosphere from yourself and your assistant to Dr Barbara and her team is nothing short of top class. The state of the art equipment and resources are also among the factors that puts patients at ease at HSMC.

Please pass on my thanks to the team and I wish your all the best in the future. I certainly strongly recommend HSMC.


30th July 2015

This is not the first time me and my family visit Harley Street MC.

HSMC became our one stop shop when it comes to medical services, whether it is myself, my wife or my daughter.

Recently, my wife became a patient with Dr. Raquel Martinez, Obstetrics & Gynecology from HSMC.

She is a caring, very responsive and attentive doctor who takes care of her patients on a personal level. Not to mention her assistants and the overall quality of services Harley Street provides.

Me and my family recommend Harley Street MC to our friends and contacts for any medical service needed, assured that they will get what they need and more.


01 July 2015

Today is my 6 months post op gastric sleeve surgery examination with Dr. Girish. Surgery date 01/04/2015, lovely to start a new year.

My starting weight was 90kg and going up. I was anxious post op and also considered many times if I am doing the correct thing for me.

Now 6 months later, yes it was the correct procedure for me. My weight now is 69kg with the BMI 24.7. I feel healthy, younger and happy with myself. Thanks to Dr. Girish.

If you follow the advice given, the diet and the exercise, you will succeed.

If I can do it, you can.


I would like to thank Dr. Carole Elia for her outstanding effort today.


On January 6, 2015, my father-in-law was struck by a vehicle while taking a walk near our apartment complex. Sometimes angles are placed in our path unbeknownst to us. That particular day, Dr. Hady happened to be driving through the intersection near where my father-in-law had been injured. The only reason that Dr. Hady knew what he looked like was because he had graciously saw my father-in-law a few days earlier for dehydration during the long flight over from the U.S. So, Dr. Hady called me three times to make sure he had reached me to tell me that he thought it was a possibility that he may have seen my father-in-law in accident. Dr. Hady gave me instructions to call both the National Ambulance Service and Khalydia Medical City to locate him once it became apparent that he may have been injured. He assured me that if it was my father-in-law not to panic because he saw the medics talking to him on the curb of the street and to call him back once I had word.

Now, this was more than a miracle to me that things would turn out this way once I was able to confirm that my father-in-law was in the emergency room in critical condition at the time. However, the next things that happened floored both my wife and I. Not only did Dr. Hady follow up to check on his condition, he stopped by later that evening to visit with my father-in-law at Khalydia Medical City. For the next several weeks Dr. Hady has consulted with my family, help support my father-in-law’s care through referrals for second opinions and medical treatment. The neurosurgeon has stated that the concussion is healing and dad is now ready to return home as soon as we clear up a few legal issues.

My family cannot thank you and your team enough Dr. Hady for being there for my family during such a stressful time. You are truly an angle who was placed in our path and Harley Street Medical Center is a world class or organization in every respect. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



Hi doctor, I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my back. It is so much better. My neck is also perfect after the injections. I will definitely come for injection in my neck as needed.


Please pass Dr Tohme my regards. I’m so very grateful for his assistance. 8 hours after my appointment, I feel the best I have all week and am confident that I will soon be better.

Thanks so much, KA

With sincere appreciation and warmest thanks to you. Many thanks Dr. Hady for your help and assistance in dealing with my father. It was most appreciated.
Thanks to all the staff who helped.


I would like to thank every member of the team who cared for me on Monday. You were all so kind and caring and I appreciate everything you did for me.

With much gratitude from L

Dear Drs. Girish and Barbara and all nursing staff, Thank you! I’ve been a paramedic for ten years and know a quality medical team when I see you.
You guys are more than quality. You are up there with the best! Thanks for such good quality care.


Good morning

I went to see Dr. Houssam yesterday afternoon and I just want to tell you what a nice experience at HSMC. Warm and welcoming people in nice and quiet surroundings, which doesn’t make me feel like I am in a “normal” clinic, and Dr. Houssam is such a nice gentleman.

Now I have an understanding how I can recommend you and your services to others, and also – looking forward to come back. Usually I am going to Denmark for my treatments, but no need to do that anymore 🙂

Just wanted to tell you – have a great day!

Best Regards, A

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