The Best Biological Age Test

Discover Your True Age with GlycanAge:

Introducing GlycanAge: the revolutionary test that brings prevention to the forefront of health care. With over 30 years of research behind it, GlycanAge stands as one of the most accurate biological age tests available today. This innovative test focuses on glycans—complex molecules on every cell surface that facilitate cell-to-cell communication—offering unparalleled predictive capabilities.

GlycanAge measures chronic inflammation, a key indicator of aging, enabling the detection of potential health issues up to a decade before they become apparent. This test goes beyond basic health insights by providing detailed, disease-specific analyses and forecasts based on your unique glycan profiles.

Moreover, GlycanAge is one of the few tests proven to respond to lifestyle changes, offering science-backed advice to help you make informed decisions in your daily life. Discover the future of personalized health with GlycanAge, where prevention meets precision.

How GlycanAge Works:

The GlycanAge test is easy to use and provides actionable insights:

  • Sample Collection: Collect a small blood sample using our convenient at-home kit.
  • Analysis: Our advanced laboratory analyzes the glycans attached to your antibodies.
  • Results: Receive a detailed report of your glycan profile and biological age.

Optimizing Your Health with GlycanAge:

GlycanAge isn’t just about knowing your biological age; it’s about optimizing your health. Here’s how:

  • Early Detection: Glycans have the potential to identify health issues up to 10 years before they manifest. This early warning system allows you to take proactive steps to prevent diseases.
  • Lifestyle Insights: As one of the few tests proven to respond to lifestyle interventions, GlycanAge offers personalized advice based on your unique glycan profile. Adjustments in diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors can positively impact your biological age.
  • Comprehensive Health Forecast: Beyond general aging, GlycanAge provides disease-specific analyses, helping you detect chronic inflammation early and make prevention possible.


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