Dr. Bernard Hoffmann

Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery

Dr. Bernard Hoffmann

Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery

Dr Bernard Hoffmann

Department: Ears, Nose & Throat
Specialties: Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery
Languages: English, German


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Dr. Hoffmann is a consultant for ear, nose and throat surgery, who completed his medical studies in Berlin, Germany and San Diego, USA earning board certification in Germany in Otorhinolaryngology(ENT) in 2006.

He developed his experience in Germany working as a specialist and consultant for ear, nose and throat surgery and facial plastic surgery at the Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin, Berlin.

In 2008 he completed a fellowship for facial plastic surgery in Amsterdam, Netherland and continued his experience in otology as a fellow for neurotology/skull base surgery in Sydney and Perth, Australia in 2009. Dr. Bernard Hoffmann holds an unrestricted license allowing him to practice in Germany and across the EU.

– Pediatric ENT (all ages)
– Ear and nose/sinus surgery
– Diagnostic and treatment of hearing and balance disorders
– Surgical management of sleep disorders due to obstructive sleep apnea
TRV CHAIR – BPPV treatment made efficient



Dr. Hoffmann and his team is excellent!

His diagnosis and remedy for me was on the mark.

He furthermore suggested I do a trial period with one of their brand hearing aids. His audiologist did a hearing test for me and based on the results dialed the unit in for me and it makes a vast difference!

Firstly I can hear when people talk to me without continually asking them to repeat what they have said. It really helps in meetings. I now realize that I was shying away from talking with strangers because I usually could not hear them – making for interesting and sometimes difficult conversations.

The hearing aid also reduced the ringing (Tinnitus) in my ear to almost imperceptible levels. It is immediately noticeable when you remove the device and the ringing returns.

I bought a device that is worn behind the ear. You can almost not see it. It syncs with my iPhone allowing me to take phone calls and listen to music as well as letting me adjust the device volume and select different programs better suited for the environment I am in.

I highly recommend Dr. Hoffmann and his team for their professionalism and excellent service.


Very friendly and professional staff at the ENT Clinic. Dr. Bernard Hoffmann explained and answered my questions thoroughly. His nurses put him in high regard with his work. His demeanor, accolades from his staff, and professionalism greatly eased away my anxieties before the procedure for septoplasty and turbinoplasty.
I had no pain and no blood loss during my recovery which I think is a testament to his skill as a surgeon. After the silicone support was removed from my nose, I immediately felt the difference in breathing. I noticed how much effortlessly I breathe as compared to before the surgery.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a deviated septum and has breathing problems.

-Samuel Ramirez

I had difficulty in breathing for years because I had nasal valve collapse , Dr. Bernard did the surgery for me supporting my nose and I got out from the surgery feeling very well my nose looked normal just like if I haven’t done any surgery and started breathing few days later ,

Great doctor and great hospital. Thank you for the reliable care and help in my condition, the doctor and the whole team were very patient and friendly. I feel so much better now.

-Diana H.

Excellent! Dr. Bernard is highly recommend. He is very thorough and professional. He takes all the time to explain any queries. We didn’t feel rushed at all into making the decision to have an adenoidectomy done for my 4 year old. So happy we went with it!
Special mention to the front office and nursing staff, fast, friendly and efficient service. All round, a very good experience.

-Jyotsna Rebeiro

I did Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty in Harley Street medical center and I’m very happy with the result. It was an amazing experience with Dr.Rabih Maatouk, Dr. Bernard and the whole team. The Surgery was painless, fast, lovely and the result was very satisfying. Highly recommended this center.

– Hamdan

Recently had a procedure with Dr Bernard Hoffman, the whole process from start to finish has been 1st class, I really can’t rate Dr Hoffman highly enough. I would strongly recommend him for anyone looking for a ENT doctor in Abu Dhabi.

-Rick Bonetti

Excellent the receptionist and staff at Dr Bernard’s clinic and he himself are consummate professionals

~via Doctify

My son, Jude, recently had surgery performed by Dr Hoffman (and the anaesthetist dr Fawaz). Both were knowledgeable and very caring (Dr Fawaz was even making animal balloons to put my son at ease !). Very happy with the outcome and the aftercare.

-Saba al-hadithi

Excellent experience. Can honestly say it is the best ENT doctor Bernard HoffmannI have seen and I’ve seen around four. So knowledgeable and explains everything clearly. I felt for once I have a doctor who understands and who has put in place a treatment plan.
Thank you Dr and staffs.

– هازار

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday
8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Family Hub(GP)
Dental Clinic

Harley Street Abu Dhabi JCI


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