Dr. Nabil Mansour

Anesthesia Specialist

Dr. Nabil Mansour

Anesthesia Specialist

Dr. Nabil Mansour - Anesthesia Specialist

Department: Anesthesiology
Specialties: Local and general anesthetics, Pediatric anesthesia and Pediatric Intensive Care, postoperative complications, pain management
Languages: Arabic, English, French, Greek


Dr. Nabil MANSOUR is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology at the Saint George University Medical Center (SGHUMC) in Association with the University of Balamand. He has a subspecialty in Pediatric Anesthesia. He held the following positions

  • Head of division of Pediatric Anesthesia
  • Assistant Quality Manager for Quality Systems for Clinical Care at SGHUMC.
  • Head of code blue committee
  • Difficult Airway Course Director at the Lebanese European Academy of Emergency Medicine (LEAEM).

Dr. MANSOUR  is the author of publications on post operative pain and hemodynamic monitoring.

Detail-oriented Anesthesiologist, trained in Paris FRANCE, ACLS and PALS certified professional, offering more than a 15 years of experience in exemplary support to patients and medical personnel, explaining procedures and monitoring patients under anesthesia. Plus, a well- built teaching experience in simulation and crisis resource management.


  • Delivered local and general anesthetics
  • Participated in preoperative consultation
  • Provided anesthesia outside the operating room such as in the radiology service, OBGYN service, fertility center and endoscopy unit, endovascular/neurovascular radiology unit, and Electro physiology unit/Cath lab.
  • Monitored postoperative patients and dealt with postoperative complications
  • Gained a big experience in Pediatric anesthesia and Pediatric Intensive Care
  • Participated in formulating policies and procedures for the Anesthesia Department and sedation protocols for the PICU, NICU and ICU units
  • Clinically supervised the work of residents and technicians Attended lectures, staff meeting, and journal club of the department and nation wide
  • Attended several international workshops on loco regional anesthesia and pain management
  • Organized courses and workshops to physicians and medical students on simulation in advanced life support and emergency medicine.
  • Enhanced learning outcomes by incorporating clinical simulation into Curriculum
  • Participated in the development and organization of Anesthesia Crisis Resource Management (ACRM) course with the Lebanese American University LAU
  • Developed protocols with ICU doctors to manage airway in Covid-19 patients
  • Dedicated 24 hours per week as on-call anesthesiologist Managed quality assurance programs, including on-site evaluations, drills, internal audits and customer surveys.


  • Clinical Simulation Diploma

Lebanese American University In Association With The University Of Illinois, Chicago, Byblos, Lebanon

  • Diploma in airway management

University Paris 13, Bobigny, France

  • Diploma In Acute Pain Management

Ufr, Paris 2, Paris, France

  • Diploma In Quality Assurance And Risk Management In Anesthesia And Intensive Care

University Paris 12, Creteil, France

  • 2 Years In Depth Learning In France In Anesthesia And Surgical Intensive Care

University Paris 6, Paris, France

  • Anesthesia Diploma

University Of Balamand, Beirut, Lebanon

  • Diploma Of Higher Education, Medical Doctor

Kaunas University Of Medicine, Kaunas, Lithuania

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