Dr. Walid Haddad

Consultant Ophthalmologist
Eye Diseases and Surgery
Cornea and LASER /LASIK Specialist

Dr. Walid Haddad

Consultant Ophthalmologist
Eye Diseases and Surgery
Cornea and LASER /LASIK Specialist

Dr. Walid Haddad

Department: Ophthalmology
Specialties: Eye Diseases and Surgery, Cornea Specialist, LASER and LASIK Specialist
Languages: Arabic, English. French


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Dr. Walid Haddad is a general eye surgeon and a Consultant in LASIK and LASER surgery.

Following his Residency in Ophthalmology as a General Eye Surgeon at the American University of Beirut, he was chosen among hundreds of applicants to be a corneal Fellow /Junior Associate in one of the leading laser centers in the world.

He was trained by pioneers in the field, and world-renowned surgeons who contribute constantly to the development of laser technology and LASIK surgery. He performed cutting edge research in the US, offering him several opportunities as a keynote speaker and lecturer, addressing thousands of doctors in the Annual Meetings for the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Dr. Haddad is actually one of very few surgeons in Lebanon who are certified to do LASIK on patients, and holds more than 8 different certificates for several types of LASIK/laser surgeries. Dr. Haddad was also proficiently trained in new techniques for corneal transplantation with human amniotic membranes, challenging cases of micro- incision cataract surgery, and the new ring implants /UV crosslinking for Keratoconus patients. He is also one of few people who implant the new Artiflex, Artisan and ICL lenses to treat high Myopia/Astigmatism reaching 30 degrees and Hyperopia reaching 13 degrees which cannot be treated with the regular laser technology.

Dr. Haddad’s dedication to his patients is exceptional. The determination and drive he holds for his career allows him to strive for higher education and knowledge of the latest updates, thus offering the best in eye care for his patients.

Dr. Haddad is a member of the Lebanese Order of Physicians, Lebanese Ophthalmic Society, American Academy of Ophthalmology and the French Society of Ophthalmology.


  • Full Eye Exam
  • Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Eye Surgeries

Periodic eye and vision examinations are an important part of preventive health care. Many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms, so you might not know a problem exists. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems can help prevent vision loss.

Each patient’s signs and symptoms, along with your optometrist’s professional judgment, will determine what tests your optometrist conducts. A comprehensive adult eye and vision examination may include, but is not limited to, the following tests.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

An individual patient’s presenting signs and symptoms, along with the professional judgment of the Optometrist, may significantly influence the testing done:

  • A case history including past and present vision and medical issues, as well as a detailed family history.
  • An analysis of the patient’s visual needs at home, work, school and play. In some instances, this may necessitate questions about the patient’s school/work environment and recreational activities, in order to accurately determine the patient’s visual demands.
  • Measurement of the visual acuity of each eye, individually and together, both with and without corrective lenses at distance and near.
  • Diagnosis of the refractive status or prescription (focusing power of the eye) based on a combination of objective (measurements) and subjective (patient responses to questions) techniques.
  • Binocular vision assessment (ability to see using both eyes together), as it relates to eye coordination, depth perception, and eye movements, or in some cases, eye-hand coordination.
  • Colour vision evaluation.
  • Assessment of the health of the eye itself both inside and outside using a biomicroscope, ophthalmoscope and a dilated eye examination when indicated.
  • A neurological assessment of the visual system including a review of the pupil reactions, ocular motility, and an assessment of the peripheral vision.
  • Screening for glaucoma, including testing pressure inside the eye, looking inside the eye at the retina and optic nerve, as well as performing peripheral vision tests.
  • Additional testing may be needed based on the results of the previous tests to confirm or rule out possible problems, to clarify uncertain findings, or to provide a more in depth assessment. These can include, but are not limited to tests such as retinal photography, gonioscopy, corneal pachymetry, optic nerve or macular scans (OCT, GDx, HRT), ultrasound, contrast sensitivity, automated visual field testing.
  • All of the test results are used in the final analysis to determine the appropriate prescription lenses to treat refractive and visual problems, to develop a program of eye training exercises, or to recommend medical or surgical treatment.
  • Recommendations for future eye care can be made based on the history of eye health and the results of the examination.
  • The final analysis of the eye exam includes a Doctor of Optometry’s professional knowledge, experience and judgment.
  • Corneal Topography
  • Corneal Pachymetry
  • Ocular Ultrasound
  • Echo A/B
  • OCT
  • Angiography
  • Visual Filed
  • Wavefront Scans
  • etc…
  • Lasik/Laser
  • Keratoconus
  • Internal Lenses
  • Cataract Surgery
  • Cornea Transplant



I did the laser surgery with Dr. Walid about a month ago. This was the best decision that I made since Dr. Walid made the operation seem so simple, I recovered almost fully in around 4-5 days. He is definitely a recommended Dr. to do this operation and he was available 24/7 on the phone to answer any questions which I had during the recovery period and is still in touch with me until today.


“I am glad to revisit Dr. Walid in the new Harley Street Eye Centre. He did Lasik on my +6.00 eyes 17 years ago and counting. I Had glasses for far and near back then. The new center looks great, highly equipped and as a doctor I am very pleased with his ethics and professionalism. (Staff very nice and friendly also) 5 stars for sure.”


“As I am consulting Ophthalmologist from past 15 years and in UAE from past 5 years, I have never met any doctors for the optha consultation like Dr. Walid, his way of approach to the patient is unique and so friendly to everyone, even with the staffs.

He explains well regarding the eye and with detailed investigations on the diagnosis and the optometrist also explains each process that she is going thru.

As I was not ready to do LASIK, I just went for the consultation to check eye prescription. There was the deviation found and he informed what are the advantages and disadvantages that I will go thru. Moreover the disadvantage was only in the financial part; as I thought of conclusion with the spending money on eye glasses in future and past, with final conclusion I came up with spending on LASIK. After the recover you will see the difference and its worth it!

Dr. Walid explained the LASIK procedure in detailed and the prevention I need to take for couple of days and the procedure was very quick, and finally we believe in The Name We Know And The Doctors We TRUST.”


My LASIK surgery procedure was successfully done, and I’m so grateful with the result. I want to really thank Dr. Walid Haddad and his entire team for their professionalism, expertise and excellent care. I just want to share with you all my honest review: Dr. Walid Haddad – I believe he has already 20+ years of experience in this industry. Dr. Walid is really hands-on to his patient, he even personally called me to confirm my check up.
He is very accommodating in answering my queries which helps me a lot to feel comfortable before, during and after my procedure. He explained thoroughly what has to be done and how the healing process would be. Thank you Dr. Walid!
Facilities = very clean and cozy and most importantly is that, their machines/ equipment are all brand new.

Customer Service = Excellent.


“Dr. Walid Haddad is the ideal doctor. I have become his patient in 2006 after visiting many clinics and other doctors and almost lost hope for my complicated case, he suggested a new/novel technique that not only solved my case but also changed the quality of my life. After 15 years and throughout the continued visits, Dr. Haddad continues to show the same great dedication, enthusiasm and care as the first day we stepped into his clinic. He treats patients with utmost respect and as persons, giving each the time and attention needed regardless of how many other cases he is treating or how much time he has to spend with them in consultation. He is intelligent, approachable and the one doctor I will strongly recommend to anyone with an eye or vision problem.”


“I highly recommend Dr. Walid Haddad, I’ve been his patient since 12 years now, he is one of the best if not the best Ophthalmologist, I had +16 degrees in each eye, with Dr. Haddad’s skills, knowledge and up to date techniques I now have +2 degrees in each eye. It is rare to find a doctor who will give you all the time you need in order to ask as much questions you have with a thorough explanation.”


“Dr. Walid Haddad, one of the best ophthalmologist I had ever met. I was suffering with dry eyes since more than a year, and dr. Walid was my 5th doctor I was consulting with to cure my eyes. His treatment gives me good results and my eyes are perfectly okey now.
Thank you Dr. Walid and his team..”


“Having worn contact lenses for over twenty years, my eyes had become a constant source of hassle and when I started developing chronic red and extremely dry eyes it was time to consider corrective eye surgery although the prospect of doing the surgery was one that made me apprehensive and one I had avoided for years. No doctor I had visited before ever took the time and effort to explain and fully make me understand what exactly my eyes were going through with prolonged contact lens use, and Dr Walid Haddad charted a long term treatment plan to not only treat the symptoms (as previous doctors had done) but rather address the root cause. Having looked at the different options that were available from Lasik to PRK, Trans-PRK was the preferred course of treatment for my eyes, and when my eyes were healed enough to do the surgery, I scheduled the procedure knowing I was in safe hands.The procedure itself was quick and painless and was over in a matter of minutes and the recovery was much easier than I had expected. Dr Walid Haddad was always available to answer any question I had and I cannot recommend him or his team enough. The results are incredible, my vision is perfect, my symptoms have completely disappeared and I couldn’t be happier. Walking into the Harley Street clinic you are greeted by friendly staff who make every effort to make the visit as comfortable as possible. Dr Walid Haddad and his team are thorough and meticulous and take their time during all eye check up procedures. I am so grateful to Dr Walid Haddad and his team for everything they’ve done for me and I cannot recommend them enough. Doing Lasik / Laser / Trans-PRK with them will be one of the best decisions you ever take. I know it was for me.”


Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday
8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Family Hub(GP)
Dental Clinic

Harley Street Abu Dhabi JCI


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