Rathish Manickam

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Specialist in Manual Therapy

Rathish Manickam

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Specialist in Manual Therapy

Rathish Manickam

Department: Physiotherapy
Specialties: Whole Spinal Dysfunctions – (Neck, Upper Back, Mid Back, Low Back and Pelvis),
Sports Injuries & Post-Operative Rehabilitation


Rathish has been treating patients successfully for the past 15 years using specialized manual therapy techniques combined with strong evidence based practice by offering custom made rehabilitation programs. He recently completed his Diploma in Master of Chiropractic, Ackermann concepts, Stockholm, Sweden.

He graduated from The Tamil Nadu M.G.R Medical University in India in 2006 with a BSc in Physiotherapy. After that he completed his Masters (M.P.T) in Orthopedics and Sports at the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. He also completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Manual Therapy (PGDMT) from India.

Education & Diplomas:

  • Diploma in Master of Chiropractic – Ackermann – Sweden
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Manual Therapy – India
  • Masters of Physiotherapy – Srinivas Medical College Hospital, India
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy – PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, India

Professional Experience:

  • 5 years’ experience working with PSG Medical College Hospital, Coimbatore, India
  • 5 years’ experience working with Srinivas University & Hospital Mangalore, India
  • Published 7 studies in Clinical Research category in well renowned International Physiotherapy Journals
  • Member of the Indian Association of physiotherapy
  • Worked as Asst. Professor and Clinical Physiotherapist in Medical College Hospitals

Specialties /Areas of Interests:

  • Whole spine Soft Chiropractic – Ackermann concepts – Sweden
  • Cervical spine – Cervicogenic headache, spondylosis, slipped disc
  • Thoracic spine – Scoliosis, T4 Syndrome
  • Lumbar spine – Lumbar slipped disc issues, Radiculopathies, Spondylosis
  • Sacroiliac Joint & Pelvic – Dysfunctions, Sprains
  • Shoulder and Knee injuries
  • Uses a bio-mechanical approach in diagnosing and correcting musculoskeletal disorders targeting the root cause.
  • Excellent clinical reasoning when it comes to the treatment of various musculoskeletal conditions



“I just want to thank the physiotherapy department specially Mr. Rathish for the effective therapy he gave me. I had a severe neck pain. For 2mos I was in misery due to constant pain. Even simple household chores were hard for me to do. My left arm was so sore with my thumb that was so numb. I was on and off from work because I cant even move my neck sideways nor lift up my chin. I was moving like a robot, literally.

After 3 sessions with him, there was a huge improvement! The pain was lessened and I’ve started doing my usual activities. He taught me the different exercises that I need to do at home. I do them diligently because I want to heal continuously. I want to thank him for being so patient during the times I was in so much pain. One thing I will never forget is his encouragement. He was very positive that I will get better and I believed him. Now I’m so happy and satisfied. I’m functioning well but still I’m doing the exercises to keep my muscles healthy.”

– Arceli

“Mr ratheesh manickam is one of the best physiotherapist that I met. I have severe neck pain and back pain due to disc bulge within 2 months of his service I recovered completely.”


“I have a severe back pain from 2020 due to fallen on the steps. I can’t move at least 20 steps. Suddenly back pain will start. I met Dr.Chris Butcher and he recommended for Physiotherapy. Through his experience X- Ray not required for diagnosis and an amazing ortho specialist ever I met in my life. Physiotherapist Mr. Rathish Manickam did some miracle with his Session 1 day 8. I am relieved from my back pain and able to do the cardio more than 1 Hour. Really am appreciated their effort to returned to me in normal life. I am very much thankful about the man Mr. Firoz Farook, who recommended these specialist to me. Thank You Harley Street.”

– Sameer Saif

I was suffering from a chronic case of Tendinosis in my ankle for months and I could recover under the treatment of the very knowledgeable physiotherapist, Mr Rathish Manickam, who is a specialist in Manual Therapy. Though I have had Physiotherapy treatments previously, this is the first time I hear about Manual Therapy and was pleasantly surprised when my leg started responding to the treatment within the first few sessions. Afterwards he trained me to strengthen my legs and I could return to my sport.

– Sanj J

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