Our medical staff are trained in the
very latest techniques &
offer a wealth of knowledge & experience in their respective disciplines
Our medical staff are trained in the
very latest techniques &
offer a wealth of knowledge & experience in their respective disciplines
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Our Physicians
  • Dr. Hady Jerdak

    Dr. Hady Jerdak

    Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases & Sleep Disorders

  • Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie, MD

    Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie, MD

    Consultant Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Department of Gastroenterology

  • Dr. Jorg Meyer

    Dr. Jorg Meyer

    Consultant Urosurgeon

  • Dr. Houssam O. Tohme

    Dr. Houssam O. Tohme

    Ear, Nose & Throat consultant

  • Dr. Girish Juneja

    Dr. Girish Juneja

    Consultant General & Bariatric Surgeon

  • Dr. Raquel Martinez

    Dr. Raquel Martinez

    Obstetrics & gynecology specialist

  • Dr. Gary Marshall Hartstein

    Dr. Gary Marshall Hartstein

    Consultant Anesthetist

  • Prof. Dr. Chris Reuter

    Prof. Dr. Chris Reuter

    Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Consultant Surgeon

  • Dr. Sahira Mahmood

    Dr. Sahira Mahmood

    Family Medicine Physician

  • Dr. Chawki Mounayer

    Dr. Chawki Mounayer

    Endocrinology Diabetes Nutrition specialist

  • Dr. Massimo Cristaldi

    Dr. Massimo Cristaldi

    Consultant General & Colorectal Surgeon

  • Dr. Rhonda Miller

    Dr. Rhonda Miller

    Obstetrics & gynecology consultant

  • Dr. Amjad Moiffak Moreden

    Dr. Amjad Moiffak Moreden

    Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine

  • Mr. Taieb Hamou Allal

    Mr. Taieb Hamou Allal

    Psychomotor Therapist

  • Dr. Reshikeshva Udupi

    Dr. Reshikeshva Udupi

    Medical Practitioner

  • Dr. Marian Ghaly

    Dr. Marian Ghaly

    General practitioner

  • Dr. Enrica Falbo

    Dr. Enrica Falbo


Patient Testimonials

  • I recently visited Harley Street Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi after experiencing poor customer service from a previous clinic, I visited Dr Chris Reuter the Plastic Surgeon and immediately warmed to him. Dr Chris was honest, professional and empathetic.
  • After many different consultations in few different countries , finally settled and trusted Dr. Chris ,he made the dream come true in February. He is very well trained on his field and super professional , understanding and support patients needs.
  • It was exceptional experience , very friendly and trustful doctor, caring for his patients and take their concerns into consideration. I admire Dr. Chris and trust him. When ever I want to do a procedure, I would always go to him. Thank you Dr. Chris.
  • How grateful I was to have found Dr. Amjad when I had a terrible lower back crisis. I appreciated his expertise and treatment and his patience in educating me in lower back anatomy! I am hoping to avoid such back problems in the future...

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